How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs (Instant Pot)

How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs (Instant Pot)

Okay, look–I know it doesn’t seem like big deal. Boiled eggs. How much more basic can your cooking skills get? Boiling water? Making boxed mac & cheese? Heating soup?

But there is something elusively tricky about making boiled eggs.

Do you put them in cold water and bring them up to the boil? Or add them to the water as it begins to boil? How many minutes for the perfect yolks? Ice bath? Rinse them under running water? Vinegar in the water or no?

And then the worst–the worst–is when the yolks have that greenish-grey ring. Ugh.

So, a while back I started making my boiled eggs in the Instant Pot. And no more guesswork! I get perfect boiled eggs every time.

I am a fan of a jammy yolk–I like the whites to be set, but the yolks to still be a bit runny and gooey. And as it turns out, 4 minutes in my Instant Pot makes them perfect every single time.

I usually do a batch of these every week, and then they live in the fridge and end up in Michael’s lunches, or I have them on a salad for lunch. They are quick, easy, inexpensive.

By the way, another cook option is to try these copycat Starbucks Egg Bites in your Instant Pot.

Perfect Boiled Eggs (Instant Pot)


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