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Rebecca ColemanContact me: grebeccacoleman (at)

I’m Rebecca, and I wrote my first short story when I was 9. At 16, I was published for the first time, after winning a Province-wide short story competition. I’m passionate about food, and endlessly curious about new experiences.

Interested in working with me? I currently offer the following services:

Food Writer and Recipe Developer 

I am a 2x published cookbook author: Aquafabulous!: 100+ Egg-Free Vegan Recipes Using Aquafaba published by Robert Rose, April 2017, and Vegan Baking Made Easy, 60 Fool-Proof, Plant-Based Recipes, published by Rockridge Press, August 2020. I am a regular contributor of cookbook reviews to BC Review. Other food writing includes:

Cooking Demos & Hosting

Teaching people how to do things is a skill, and it’s one I’ve made a living off of my entire adult life. I do cooking demos at conferences, conventions and trade shows. Hire me to show off your food product or gadget. I will create a recipe or a DIY/how to and demonstrate it live. I also host cooking stages and demos (like at The Wellness Show in 2024).

Content Creator/UGC

I have more than 15 years of experience as a content creator in the food space, starting first as a blogger, but I also can make video (Youtube or TikTok/Reels), write value-added content for your newsletter or website, or create a recipe from your food product that really makes it shine and shows your audience how versatile it can be. I also have considerable expertise in social media marketing, so I can help you really sell it.

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3 thoughts on “Work With Me”

  • Thanks for your blog! I was fascinated with your recent exploration with aqua faba (great name) and how versatile it can be. I’ve recently gone vegan, something I now wish I had done long ago when I was young – for the animals, the environment and global food security. I’ve been amazed by the thousands of truly wonderful whole foods, plant-based recipes online and in cookbooks, and my husband and I are both very happy with the food we are now eating. If you are following interesting blogs to offer ideas to your followers, one I recently discovered is I’ll look forward to your future posts. If you come across Vancouver area restaurants or hotels where the chefs are really talented at preparing vegan cuisine, I would love to read posts on that.

  • Hello Rebecca,
    Im from Dominican republic, i was living in Spain for five years, now eight in Canada .
    Im really inspired by you and what you do because I really think in plant based lifestyle .

    Thank you for sharing all those nourishing recipes for those we want to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Kissairis Gomez

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