rebecca colemanI am: Rebecca Coleman, Vancouver, BC. Foodie, blogger, cookbook author.

In my other life I: help artists, not-for-profits, small businesses and Destination Tourism Marketing Organizations to leverage social media to market their businesses. Instructor of Social Media for Business at BCIT, and UBC, and mom to Michael, the world’s greatest teenager.

Rebecca coleman

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Why I started this blog: I’ve been blogging since 2007 over at rebeccacoleman.ca. It’s a marketing blog for my business, but I wanted to write a blog that was just for fun. I love to cook, and own tons of cookbooks, but over the years, I’ve noticed I’m cooking more and more from my laptop. I also blog about food, restaurants and restrictive diets over at Vancity Buzz.

Interviewing Richard Chew, restaurant owner. Photo by Charles Zuckermann

Interviewing Richard Chew, restaurant owner. Photo by Charles Zuckermann

My philosophy: for me, cooking is creative expression, and it’s something I do for the people I love. The things I value most: travel, exploring, creativity, experiencing new things, friends and family–these all come together in the world of food for me. You’ll find most dishes on this blog are “vegetable-forward,” which means not much, if any meat, and I’m very inspired by what’s fresh, local, and in season, whole foods. You’ll find very few, if any, recipes, that call for a box of cake mix or a can of soup. There are also quite a lot of posts that are vegan, gluten-free, diary-free and soy-free, although I, personally, am none of those things.

Wanderlust: By the time I’d hit double-digits, I’d been everywhere in Canada. Twice. In adulthood, I’ve been to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Greece, Paris, Australia and NYC. Still many places to visit, and I want to see them all…

The visuals: Canon Rebel T3I and a 50mm fixed lens. I’m having lots of fun experimenting with it and learning how to take a decent food photo.

At a blogger event. Photo by Raj Thandhi.

At a blogger event. Photo by Raj Thandhi.

The Recipes: I test every single recipe that goes on this blog. I test it, recipe-wise, and I test it taste-wise. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t get published. I take that responsibility (maybe a little too???) seriously.

My favourite food: Impossible to choose. I can’t go a day without coffee. I eat sushi several times a week. Vancouver is great for yummy, cheap sushi. Croissants. If creme brulee is on the menu, I will order it. A & W Onion rings. Chocolate.

I will NOT eat: Kombacha (I know, it’s a drink but it’s disgusting). Brussels sprouts. Bugs. I don’t generally eat meat, but stick primarily to a vegetarian/pescatarian diet.

A little-known fact about me: To put myself through university, I once took a night-shift job baking bread.

Favorite kitchen tool: My knife. I even wrote a love letter to it.

Twitter: @rebecacoleman

Instagram: @rebeccacoleman

Snapchat: @rebeccacoleman

Email: grebeccacoleman [at] gmail [dot] com


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  1. Lisa says:

    You presented to our group at CBCF today – your content and presentation was fantastic. I like your writing style, energy and sense of humour. Thanks.

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