Taking a break to focus on something new…

Taking a break to focus on something new…

I had a whole host of content planned for y’all this month. I really did. The plan was to take a few weeks off at Christmas, but come back with new content in early January.

But something big happened to me in early January and it’s shifted the course of my focus.

For context, I started my own business in 2007, and blogging was a huge part of that. First it was my marketing blog (because marketing is my business), but then later, it became this, first as a passion project, and later as a vehicle for cookbooks and sponsored content.

I started my freelance biz in 2007 because I was a single parent and I needed to find work with the flexibility to take my son to school every day, to be there on field trip days and to be able to stay home with him when he was sick. Being self employed allowed me to do that and to make a living. I’ve done well at it, I’ve been successful. I’ve been in business for 16 years.

But I also talk a lot about burnout, and there’s a reason for that! In order to keep my business going, I have to juggle a lot of balls. I’m a content creator, a teacher, a marketer and strategist. I make it work, but I’m exhausted, too.


And things at home are different. Michael is an adult who’s in college full-time, learning to be a graphic designer (and I’m super proud of him). He doesn’t need me to walk him to school or make him lunch. I have more independence to be out of the house.

So, a couple weeks back, when I was offered a full-time position as a social media manager for a local, well-established skincare brand, I said yes. I took the leap.

I’ll still be teaching at BCIT because I love it, and it dovetails nicely with my job. But I’m shutting down my freelance business as of the end of February, and I’m not going to be active here for a while, either. I need to focus my attention on the steep learning curve at my new job, and channelling my creativity there.

I’ll still be active on FB, Instagram and TIkTok, but not nearly as much, as I’ll be running those feeds for my new job, and, again, I want to channel my time and creativity there for a while. As ever, my inbox is always open, feel free to chat with me there.

I’m not gone for good, I’m still here, and I will show up here again. I just need a break for a while to reset my brain.

Thanks for your time, attention, and love. You guys really are the best. ❤️

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