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CBD Bulletproof Coffee

Sooooo how’s your pandemic been so far?

I still have thoughts and feelings every day about how much life has changed in the past month. And some of the scariest are around the things I have no control over: like how long it’s going to last, or when life will get back to normal. If life ever gets back to normal.

My brain doesn’t work in the same way. I’m distracted all the time, I’m finding it harder to focus and be productive for long periods of time, and I’m distracted more easily. Tasks that I used to be able to do quickly and effortlessly now seem to take a lot more time.

CBD Bulletproof Coffee

On Thursday, I lost an entire day’s work because I had to go grocery shopping. This is not something that would have happened before.

It’s really normal for anxiety to be higher during times when we feel like we have less control, and if ever there was a time when we felt like we had less control… yeah, that’s now.

Lots of people are joking about becoming alcoholics, both in an effort to deal with the anxiety, and also out of sheer boredom. I actually cut way back on alcohol at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been trying to maintain a 2-drinks-per-week maximum.

I’m trying to do other things for my mental health; like getting outside and going for a daily walk in the sunshine, which gives me both vitamin D and also exercise. I’m trying to keep my schedule fairly normal, getting loads of probiotics, and I’m connecting with my friends and family on a regular basis.

CBD is something that has been suggested to me to help with things like sleeping (my sleep is the first thing to go when I’m even a tiny bit stressed) or dealing with anxiety.

Now, I’ve never been much of a weed person. Honestly, it gives me a hangover, so it’s not really something I’m into. Additionally, I don’t smoke. At all. In fact, I hate it. But I was curious about CBD, as it has no psychotropic ingredients, and has been purported to have certain health benefits.

First of all, what is CBD?  

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It comes from a mix of the cannabis plant (yes, where weed comes from) and hemp, which is a cousin. However, CBD doesn’t contain any THC, which is the psychotropic substance that gets you high.

What are some health benefits of CBD?  

Decreasing anxiety. Remember Tryptophan? It’s that thing that makes you sleep after a huge turkey dinner? It turns out CBD can increase our levels of tryptophan and therefore serotonin, helping us feel less anxious, and happier.

Pain relief: CBD somehow reacts with pain receptors, and many people with chronic back pain or arthritis say that it makes a difference. It’s also been shown to be fairly effective for people with IBS or leaky gut issues.

I’m still learning so much about all this! And obviously I’m just a food blogger, not a doctor or a scientist, so…

Miss Envy CBD Chocolate

How much CBD should I take? 

So, this is where it gets complicated real quick. First of all, I’m not a smoker, so that’s not an option for me. There certainly are lots of different ways to consume it. Most people take it as an oil, but there are lots of other ways of ingesting it, like in a chocolate bar, or even in pill format. One of the things I was excited to try was CBD-infused Coconut Oil. More about that in a sec.

Basically, from everything I’ve read, the way to approach is is slowly. Go slow, start slow, build up slowly. Here’s a good article for beginners.

Now, to our recipe! This is a simple and delicious coffee you can make for an afternoon pick-me-up. Please note: coconut oil is solid at room temp. It melts at around the same temp as our body heat. You don’t really need to heat the coconut oil before adding it to the recipe, as the heat of the coffee and warm milk and the whizzing of the blender will likely do the job. If you want to add melted coconut oil, be sure to melt it gently. The CBD will lose its efficiency if it is heated to over 350 degrees.

Curious and wanna try for yourself? Get 10% off your Miss Envy purchase when you use the coupon code “Rebecca” at checkout.

CBD Bulletproof Coffee


  • Freshly brewed hot coffee (espresso is best if you have it)
  • warm/hot milk of your choice (regular or plant based)
  • 1 tbsp CBD Infused Coconut Oil
  • optional: I topped mine with a dollop of cloud coffee


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend well for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Pour into a glass or mug and enjoy your CBD Bulletproof Coffee!

This blog post is a partnership with Miss Envy. They sent me some products to try, but the opinions expressed are my own. 



Cloud Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

Okay, I’m kind of embarrassed about this one. But stick with me, there’s a good explanation!

So, I am not the type to jump on a bandwagon. In fact, I often avoid them. If something is a “trend,” I’m usually doing my best to not be a part of it.

Cloud Coffee

But I jumped on this particular bandwagon. It took me a while. I saw this video last week on TikTok about “Cloud Coffee.” It’s also going by the name of “Dalgona Coffee.” According to Wikipedia, it had its origins in India, before travelling to Korea. I had something very similar in Greece 10 years ago.

The idea is this: you take equal proportions of instant coffee, sugar and hot water. Place them together in a bowl and then whip them. You could do this by hand with a wire whisk (but if you have a hand mixer or a stand mixer, use that unless you need the workout). After a while, it makes this fluffy, cloud-like mousse. You then use it to top either hot steamed milk for a kind of cappuccino experience, or you dollop it on top of ice and cold milk for the frappe-experience. Use a plant-based milk, and the whole thing is vegan.

First of all, I need to state publicly, and for the record: I am a coffee snob. I have never drank, nor would I ever drink, instant coffee. I have none in my house for obvious reasons. Gross. Just gross.

So in order for me to jump on this trend, I first needed to source some instant coffee, which is challenging, because in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a pandemic and we’re not supposed to leave our houses. Plus, I’m not spending $7 on a thing of instant coffee that I will likely just toss. So I managed to get some from a neighbour (win!) and I made some.

@findbexCloud Coffee ##whipit ##cloudcoffee ##coffeecloud ##coffee ##vegan ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ Whip It – Solo Lucci

It’s cool. I gotta say. The way it froths up and makes a mousse is kinda neat. But it’s pretty sweet, and honestly, it still tastes like instant coffee, which I just can’t get past.

BUT! I think it could be really useful as an ingredient in vegan desserts–I’m anxious to try combining it with aquafaba, and making parfaits? perhaps? Ice cream with oat milk… there are a lot of possibilities.

This cloud coffee movement has also opened up some interesting options with tea, which I am currently research and will get back to you about later.

How about you? Have you jumped on the Cloud Coffee/ Dalgona Coffee bandwagon? Comment below!

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