December Blogging Challenge

Welcome to December! This is the crazy month of parties, gifts, turkey, and family. Hopefully, somewhere in there, you’ll get some downtime, too.

I, along with a few other of my intrepid fellow bloggers, are doing a blogging challenge this month. The goal (for me) is to see how it affects my traffic if I ratchet up the frequency of my posts, so for the month of December, my goal is to post 5 times per week. You can find the rest of my colleagues here, in case you want to follow their progress as well.

december blogging challenge

Sooo…. how am I going to fill five posts a week? Well, first off, I have to say, I’m overflowing with ideas right now, so part of the reason I’m doing this is to get rid of the backlog.

Here are some examples of posts you can expect to see over the next four weeks:

  • Christmas Lust Lists–what to buy for the foodie in your life. I’ll have cookbook suggestions, tools, and even ideas for hostess gifts, and for the foodie kid in your life.
  • Contests–oh, yes, my friends. I have lots of good stuff to give away. ‘Tis the giving season, you know!
  • Recipes–well, duh! It’s a recipe blog! Many of the recipes I’ll be sharing with you will be Christmas-related.
  • Cocktail recipes–it’s the season for making merry, and I’ll help you with that.
  • DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts–because who doesn’t like getting something homemade?

But wait, there’s more! Much, much more! IMG_8617

I would love to hear your ideas for post suggestions. Just drop them into the comments section below.

See you tomorrow!

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