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Cloud Matcha Tea

Last week, I shared the internet craze with you called “Cloud Coffee” or “Dalgona Coffee.” It’s this method of whipping up instant coffee with sugar and water that makes it into a mousse- or cloud-like consistency. You then spoon it over hot or cold milk to make a refreshing coffee drink (sort of, I didn’t actually like it).

In discussing this drink online with some friends, one of the questions someone posed me was, could you do it with matcha? So, I set out to find out…

Cloud Matcha Tea

First of all, just let me say, it doesn’t work the same way. I put the matcha, sugar and water in the workbowl of my mixer and turned it on, and nothing. Zip. Nada. It was not happening. Clearly, there is something in the instant coffee that makes it fluff up.

So then, of course, I thought of aquafaba. I tried adding some to the matcha mixture, but it didn’t work. So I scrapped the entire operation and started over. Such is the nature of recipe development. 🙂

This time, I started with the aquafaba. I whipped it for a while, then added in the sugar. When I got it to the right, cloud-like consistency, then I added in the matcha, and ta-da! Cloud Matcha Tea!

If you’re not vegan, and they don’t make you nervous, you can substitute egg whites for this. Just be careful to not beat them too long, as it’s easier to over beat egg whites than it is to over beat aquafaba (over beating aquafaba is basically impossible, actually).

“Cloud” Matcha Tea


  • 2 tbsp aquafaba
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp matcha powder


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Coconut Ginger Matcha Iced Tea


It’s early morning as I type this, and I’m in bed with my laptop and the cat on one side and cup of coffee on the other. 

No stories today. No origins or inspirations. 

You see, I’m tired. 

For me, January to July is a marathon. In that space of time, I teach 6 classes, and at the same time, I write and schedule hundreds of blog posts, tweets, Instagrams, Facebook posts, and then there’s the YouTube videos to film and publish. 

Coconut Ginger Matcha Iced Tea

It’s time for a rest. 

I had this one last YouTube video that I published last week, so I’m sharing it with you today, and then I’m off to have some adventures (which, if I’m being honest, I will probably record and document and publish, because adventures = inspiration). 

So, today’s recipe is a simple but super refreshing summer drink. It’s an iced tea inspired by the flavour of coconut. 

If you love coconut water, you’ll love this recipe. It dances with flavours of coconut and ginger, perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 

Catch you on the flip-side! 

Coconut Ginger Matcha Iced Tea


  • 1 Coconut Ginger Matcha tea bag (from Four o’clock Tea)
  • simple syrup to sweeten to taste
  • coconut water
  • ice