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Vegan Food at the Vancouver Christmas Market

For the past 8 years, the Vancouver Christmas Market has been a December tradition here in Vancouver. Modelled after the outdoor German Christmas Markets where you can stroll, sip mulled wine, snack and shop for artisan goods, ours takes place at Jack Poole Plaza in Coal Harbour.

What you may not know about Germany (and this may come as a shock) is that it has a very high vegan population. 6 Million Germans identify as vegan in a country that is famous for schnitzel!

The Christmas Market has quite a few vegan options. My absolute favourite? The Churros–yes, I know, they’re not German at all, but they are warm and crispy and delicious.

Here’s a vlog I made of our night at the Christmas Market, highlighting the vegan food:

And here’s a complete list of the vegan food at the Christmas Market: 

  • Hurricane Potato: Visit Das Kartoffelhaus for their famous hurricane fries! They use Yukon Gold potatoes, or for those on a carb-free diet zucchini and you can take your pick from a number of flavours including cinnamon sugar, salt & vinegar, and ketchup!
  •  Stollen Haus: Have  sweet tooth? The Stollen Haus has a whole selection of vegan cookies! Perfect for Christmas gifts or as a delicious vegan treat for yourself!
  • Chocolate A.M.: Schoko makes chocolate tools and shoes from the finest Italian dark chocolate. Almost too pretty to eat….almost!
  • Gulasch: Pick up vegan hungarian potato stew in a bread bowl from Das Gulasch Haus! Warm and hearty food, perfect for the cold Vancouver winter!
  • Fruit Kebabs: Get a vegan sweet-treat from I Love Chocolate! Pick up a delicious fruit kebab to enjoy as you stroll around Vancouver’s favourite Christmas Market.
  • Candy: Want some candy that is free from animal products? Candy Meister is your man! A huge selection of natural, traditional, gluten-free German candy, much of which is vegan and vegetarian!
  •  Spanish Churros: A fried-dough pastry made without animal products! Sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar you get a taste of Spain in the middle of downtown Vancouver
  • Taste the Wild: Keep warm with hot vegetable and mushroom broth from West Coast Wild Foods! West Coast Wild foods are a Vancouver based company specializing in wild mushrooms and other wild food products. Their soup is made from locally sourced mushrooms from right here in British Columbia!

What’s your favourite thing to eat at the Vancouver Christmas Market? Share in the comments below!

Vegan Vancouver with Vancouver Food Tours

Did you know that November 1 was World Vegan Day? True story!

I celebrated by going on a vegan food tour of the city with Vancouver Food Tours.

The tour included 4 stops, 2 of which were already my favorites, and 2 that were new to me.

Here’s my Vegan Vancouver vlog:

The four stops were:

Cauliflower Wings Meet in Gastown

Meet in Gastown for Cauliflower Wings. Cauliflower wings are the veg equivallent of chicken wings. They make an excellent bar snack, and I love Meet’s. They are beer-battered, then tossed in a sweet-and-spicy sauce. Great with a beer.

Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie for pizza. I go to Virtuous Pie already way too much. Speaking of cauliflower wings, they put theirs on a pizza–and call it “Stranger Wings.” It’s my fave.

Hey Kokomo

Hey Kokomo for the Coastal Macro Bowl. This is more traditional vegan food: filling, nutrient-rich, with lots of veggies and rice. Healthy and dense.

Vegan Gelato Umaluma

Umaluma for Vegan Gelato. This was the first time I’d tried Umaluma, and the flavors were a knockout! Lots of the gelato has booze in it (I heartily support this), beautiful bright colours and explosive flavors. You would never know it was vegan.

Check out Vancouver Food Tours for their Vegan Vancouver Food Tour or one of their other local food tours which explore Vancouver’s hot culinary scene.

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