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Vegan Options at Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival 2019

Well, it’s the end of January and boy to we need a pick-me-up. Chocolate seems like it just might do the trick! 

The 9th annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is here to help us feel a little warmer, a little cozier, and a little more chocolaty. The festival runs from January 19 to February 14. 

The good news is, if you are lactose-intolerant or vegan, there are tons and tons of great options for you to indulge in. 

Koko Monk Altered Soul

“Altered Soul” from Koko Monk

For sure your best bet if you want to be dairy-free is to hit up Koko Monk. This is where they have the best selection, and some of the most interesting and creative hot chocolates in the city. The owner, Paul, is a mad genius, pairing thing together that seem like they shouldn’t work, but then they totally do. The bonus? Each hot chocolate comes with a delicious, homemade vegan chocolate. Win! They have a new location on Broadway, and they are serving up different drinks at both locations. 

Cartem’s will always be number one in my heart when it comes to donuts, and they are always very vegan-friendly. Their vegan hot chocolate entry comes paired with a vegan donut, so you cannot lose. 

I’m interested in the Mink Chocolates option, as well. It’s a boozy version made with vegan Baileys. 

Uno Gelato‘s entry is raw, and comes with a scoop of ice cream. 

Here’s the list of all the vegan entries in this year’s Hot Chocolate Festival. Please refer to the website for more details, as not all of the locations offer all of the hot chocolates all the time. 

Comment below and tell me which one is your fave! 

Parallel 49 Hot Chocolate fest

49th Parallel

Vegan almond or vegan hazelnut milk hot chocolate.
Paired with a Vegan Chocolate Doughnut. (This the first time Lucky’s has made a vegan doughnut – especially for the Hot Chocolate Festival! Yay!

Cadeaux Bakery

#17 – “COCOANUT” 

A dairy-free, vegan-friendly coconut dark hot chocolate.
Paired with a Vegan Coconut Cookie (V)

Cartem's Vegan Hot Chocolate

“Midnight Spice”

Cartem’s Donuts

#19 – “Midnight Spice” 
Dark chocolate married with almond milk, organic cayenne, cinnamon and garnished with spices and slivered almonds.
Paired with any donut in the display case. 

Eternal Abundance

Decadent hot chocolate with caramel and fair trade cacao – 100% organic and vegan.
Comes with a house-made Maple Shortbread.

Using local raspberries and fair trade premium cacao, this hot chocolate is 100% vegan, organic and irresistibly delicious.
Served with a house-made Raspberry Cheesecake.

Koko Monk Hot Chocolate flightKoko Monk (1849 W 1st Ave)

Vegan maple water dark hot chocolate with coconut milk.
Served with Passion Fruit Praline.

Vegan coconut milk matcha tea white chocolate with Turkish coffee.
Served with a vegan Eggnog and Rum Praline.

#42 – ”THE LIGHT SYLLABLES” (vegan option)
Spicy ginger and chai tea dark hot chocolate with cardamom.
Paired with a Rum Truffle.

#43 – “BLACK MOON” (vegan option)
Rich, dark drinking hot chocolate made with 74% Venezuelan Trinitario.
Paired with Tea and Cardamom Praline.

Koko Monk Hot chocolate Festival

Koko Monk 2883 W Broadway

#44 – “LOVE IS A BITCH” (vegan option)
Mango/tequila white hot chocolate with chilli.
Paired with a Rosemary Dark Chocolate Praline with olive oil.

#45 – “ALTERED SOUL” Dedicated to the Memory of David Bowie 
Vegan cashew milk dark hot chocolate with cardamom and chilli.
Paired with a Salted Rose Caramel Praline. (V)

#46 – ”THE SHAPE OF A PARTICULAR BLISS” (vegan option)
Watermelon white hot chocolate with parsley and spices.
Paired with a Rum Truffle.

Vegan smoked curry dark hot chocolate with coconut milk .
Paired with Lemongrass and Mango Praline.

Mink Chocolates

Entirely vegan coconut cream ganache hot chocolate with Baileys Almond Milk liqueur.
Paired with a Mini Dark Chocolate Bar.

Chez Christophe hot chocolate fest

Uno Gelato

RAW coconut water and made in-house RAW coconut milk with Michel Cluziel 85% chocolate and a touch of Rice Powder from Pakistan.
Served with a scoop of Uno’s Organic Avalon Dairy Gelato or Vegan Gelato.

Earnest Ice Cream

#28 – “NUTTY & NICE ”
Indulge in a creamy and luscious hazelnut hot chocolate.
Paired with a sugar cookie.


Vegan Food at the Vancouver Christmas Market

Well, guys, it’s that time of the year again. I’m not quite sure where 2018 went, but what I do know is, I ate some great food this year.

The Vancouver Christmas Market has become an annual tradition here in our fair city. Every year, they build a magical village at Jack Poole Plaza (surrounding the Olympic torch) in Coal Harbour. Vancouver Christmas Market

Christmas Markets are a staple in Europe, and this one is done in a German tradition. There are tons of activities for the kids, an old-fashioned carousel, live music, and of course German beer and traditional gluhwein, warm wine mulled with spices.

There are tons of crafty-type booths where you can buy Christmas gifts, but for me, the highlight of the Christmas market is the food. I mean, duh, right??

While many people equate German food with meat-oriented foods like schnitzel and bratwurst, the reality is that Germany has a huge vegan population. And this year, there are more vegan food choices than ever at the Vancouver Christmas market.

There are two new vegan options this year, so I’ll start with those first.

Organic Villa Veggie Dog

Organic Villa Vegan Haus – This is where you’re going to find some savoury items. They serve a quinoa and bean burger, a roasted veggie wrap, a veggie dog, and dosas. Dosas, guys!! Yeah, yeah, I know they’re not German, but they are delicious. I tried the veggie dog from here. It’s made with an Yves veggie dog, but the spicy, cheesy sauce and toppings are what make it delicious.

Mr. Hotcakes

Mr. Hotcakes: Dessert in the form of a filled pancake! Mr. Hotcakes makes these vegan pancakes that are filled in the middle with a sweet brown sugar syrup. Then they put them on the grill and you get a toasty pancake with a gooey, warm, sweet centre. So good!

Das Gulasch Haus vegan stew

Das Gulasch Haus: These guys do a hearty stew filled with potatoes and other veggies, served in a bread bowl. So comforting and warm.

Bavarian Burger: Despite the name, these guys sell a vegan split pea soup.

Das Kartoffelhaus Hurricane Potatoes: yup, those giant potatoes on a stick are vegan. Vegan toppings include cinnamon sugar, salt & vinegar, and ketchup.

Vegan Churros

Traditional Spanish Churros: also really, really not German, but who cares?? I have to have these every time I go to the market. Because donuts, guys. Donuts.

Taste the Wild: These guys do a hot vegetable and mushroom broth that’s made from locally-sourced mushrooms from right here in British Columbia.

Das Stollen Haus: They have a whole selection of vegan cookies and baked goods for yourself, or to gift.

You’ll also find vegan chocolate and vegan candy options as well.


The Vancouver Christmas Market is open now until Christmas Eve at Jack Poole Plaza. Admission is $12 for adults ($10 if you buy your tickets online), and food items will run you anywhere from $5-$15.

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