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The Truffle House

Very high on my list of favorite things is Sunday Brunch.

There’s just something so decadent about drinking many mugs of coffee with one (or a group) of my friends, eating bacon and eggs, things I wouldn’t normally eat during the course of the week, catching up, laughing, perhaps a Caesar or a Mimosa. Lazy Sunday morning/afternoon, no where to be, no plans, no responsibilities.

And what, might I ask, is more decadent than Truffles?

I wound up at The Truffle House in Dundarave (West Van) last Sunday. Brunch with a girlfriend, she recommended it. The Truffle House is a very small place. It reminds me of a coffee shop, but don’t let the casual atmosphere (leather banquettes, stone fireplace) deceive you. There is a fully-functioning kitchen with a fully-functioning chef (James Hodgins, formerly of the Beach House).

the truffle house

Fabienne, her Tarte Tatin, and a very happy diner.

The owners, Philippe & Fabienne Chaber, not surprisingly, are French, and very much engaged in the day-to-day operations of the restaurant.

Any time I walk into a restaurant and they have a salmon smoked benny on the menu, I simply close the menu. I’m done. The benny was served on a half of a croissant, which I really liked, because sometimes english muffins can be tough to cut. It was served with lox and the most perfectly ripe avocado I think I have ever seen. The eggs were perfect–free range, with a dark yellow yolk, whites firm, but yolks runny when you cut into them. Not too much hollandaise. Deep-fried potatoes already perfectly salted, and side of fruit. So good. My girlfriend had a very yummy matcha smoothie made with green tea and vanilla. Crepes also figured heavily into the menu, both sweet and savory. They also have a truffle omelet (of course!), which, is, apparently, to die.

West Coast Benny

West Coast Benny

We literally almost got whiplash when one of the waitresses brought out an apple tarte tatin. It was the most beautiful thing, garnished with a mountain of whipping cream on the side. The lovely couple beside us had to order one, and the wait staff kindly split it for them. Fabienne told us she had just made it that morning, and we were sad that we were too full to try it, but made a resolution to come back for it at a later date.

A perfect Sunday: brunch and then a walk on the Seawall. Highly recommended.

The Truffle House Cafe
2452 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
Monday through Saturday, 8-5
Sunday, 8-3