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Making Tea Cocktails at Forage

While it might be something you’ve never even heard of before, Tea Cocktails are starting to really be a thing here in Vancouver.

Basically, brewed tea is used as a mix with the spirits and other ingredients to create a lively, balanced cocktail.

Forage Fizz--cocktails made with tea

Tea adds a nice dimension to cocktails–it’s never one-note, and the variety of different types of teas and flavours is almost unending.

Plus, you can feel like you’re drinking a slightly healthier cocktail. Okay, well, not really. But a delicious-tasting cocktail is justification and reward in its own right, as far as I’m concerned!

Today’s recipe comes from Margot Baloro, Sommelier at Forage in Vancouver’s West End. Forage is one of my fave spots in the city. Partly because it’s just blocks from my house, and partly because they share my values of creating food that is local, sustainable, and seasonal. Oh–and it’s inventive and delicious, too! Remember that time Chef Chris Whittaker made a dinner entirely out of fermented foods? Or what about his amazing scones? Yes. I’m a fan.

cocktail made with tea

This cocktail would be great for brunch. It’s a little like a fruity mimosa. Plus–tea. People drink tea for breakfast, right?

It’s a little earthy, so it’s great for the fall, and it is topped with sparkling wine, which always makes you feel festive, no matter what time of the day. It’s bright and floral and fruity, and would be perfect for your next girl’s night or book club meeting.

Forage Fizz ingredients

“Forage Fizz”

(recipe courtesy of Forage Vancouver)



  1. Place the blackberry wine, tea, simple syrup and raspberries in a non-reactive container (like a glass juice jar) and allow to mingle for an hour.
  2. To make the cocktail: pour 1 oz of the mixture into a champagne glass and top with 3 oz of sparkling wine. Garnish with a raspberry.