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Travel Vlog: My Last Day in Paris

It makes me sad to write this. I was sad that day. But it was my last full day in Paris, and I was determined to make the most of it.

Now, I’m not a traditional tourist. I like to do things off the beaten track, and food plays a big role in my adventures.

So, for my last day in Paris, I did many foodie things: seeking out Paris’ oldest Patisserie, sourcing vegan macarons, visiting the greatest cookware store, um… ever, and finding Paris’ best donuts. I mean, c’mon, you didn’t expect me to go all the way to Paris and not eat donuts, did you?

I also did do some touristy stuff; like visit Galleries Lafayette for the amazing view, wave hello to the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, and discover an amazing hidden alley full of delights.

And finished off the day with a glass of rose, overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Le sigh. Until next time, Paris…


Gaga for Aquafaba #Podcast

At the end of June this year, I had to go to Toronto to speak at a conference. While there, I took advantage of the fact that T.Dot is the hometown of my publisher, Robert Rose, and endeavored to do a little publicity while in the 416.

I met up with Two Market Girls and shot a YouTube video with them, and then I did an interview with Marion Kane for her Sittin in the Kitchen Podcast.

Marion had spent the weekend making a bunch of the Aquafaba recipes in my book, and was blown away by the simplicity and deliciousness of the Chocolate Mousse. She also pronounced my Coconut Bacon “the gateway drug” to veganism.

Listen to the whole thing here:



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