Vegan Baking Made Easy

Vegan Baking Made Easy

Vegan Baking Made Easy, 60 Foolproof Plant-Based Recipes is now available!

Whip up classic baked goods with simple vegan recipes

Making crave-worthy vegan baked goods doesn’t require professional training! Vegan Baking Made Easy teaches bakers everything they need to make top-notch treats with affordable ingredients. It’s full of easy, dependable recipes for familiar favorites along with a few new discoveries. With this vegan cookbook, home bakers will soon be pulling fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, and strawberry shortcake warm out of the oven.

  • Baking made simple―Almost every recipe uses no more than 10 ingredients, requires just one bowl, or takes less than one hour to make.
  • Set up for success―Learn the secrets to perfecting each recipe without eggs and dairy, and find out how to adapt them to be nut-free or gluten-free.
  • The vegan kitchen―Find out how to stock a pantry and equip a kitchen for vegan baking with a rundown of ingredients and essential tools.

Bake up a bounty of cookies, cakes, pies, and more with this easy vegan baking cookbook.

Vegan Baking Made Easy: 60 Foolproof Plant-Based Recipes

Publication Date: August 10