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Cooking Shows on Netflix

Like many of you fearless foodies, I watch a lot of cooking shows. I have a subscription to Food TV, Gusto and the Cooking Channel, so I spend a lot of time watching Alton Brown, Top Chef (which you know is my fave), and shows by some of my favourite chefs.

But Netflix has a bunch of great cooking shows, as well, so if you have a Netflix membership, these are some of my favourite binge- and drool-worthy shows (FYI this post is in no way sponsored by Netflix).

Cooking Shows on Netflix


Nailed It!

OMG! For any of you who ever had a Pinterest “Nailed It” moment, this show is for you. It’s all about failure, and it’s hilarious. Part of the reason I like this show is because in some ways, it’s the anti-cooking show. The end results are from poor shlubs like you and I who really don’t have a clue what they are doing, but are asked to make a pro dessert. The results are tragic and way too funny. The host, Nicole Byer, is sassy and hilarious.

Somebody Feed Phil

Phil Rosenthal created “Everybody Loves Raymond” and is now spending his money traveling the world and eating food. The thing about Phil is, though, that he’s everyman. His brother is the producer, and he skypes his parents in every episode and they talk about every day things. The show is much like how you or I would discover the food culture of any given town. He’s not a chef, he’s just a guy who really loves food.


For those of you who are fans of Michael Pollin, as I am, this was a fantastic four episodes. I mostly don’t eat meat for environmental, sustainability reasons, and Pollin goes into this in thoughtful detail (FYI he does eat meat, but I love the discussion around it). It’s a fascinating documentary series that explores fermentation, tradition, sustainability and the social aspects of our diets. I really highly recommend this one, it’s been one of my favourites to date.

Chef’s Table (and the new Pastry season)

I have loved this series from the beginning, but this latest season focuses on pastry. The first episode featuring Christina Tosi (Milk Bar) was my absolute favourite of the four.

Ugly Delicious

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this one. Dave Chang (MomoFuku) is a good guy. And he does some cool stuff, travels, eats. It’s fun. It feels a little like he just made a documentary about his friends, though. What I really did like about this series was when they went deeper into the political and socio-economic background of the food. When is food racist? It’s a great question, and one I’ve not actually though a lot about, so I was really fascinated by those discussions.

Okay, those are mine! What are your favourite Netflix food binges these days?


2017: Year in Review

Whoa, Nelly! You can diss 2017 all you like (and for good reason), but it was a pretty great year for me.

I mean, how often can you say your cookbook was published? Exactly never. For me, anyway, until last year!


In addition to the publication of my cookbook, I also started up a YouTube channel. I did a ton of travelling, much of it food-related, including Toronto, the UK and Paris. I took a class in Paris for the sole purpose of being able to say “that time I learned how to make croissants in Paris.” Sorry/not sorry?

I ate some great food in 2017, and some of it I even cooked myself!

Here’s how 2017 broke down:

I wrote 74 posts, totalling 33,929 words, and 45,000 folks visited my site. Thanks for reading!

Here are my 7 most popular posts in 2017:

7. Banoffee Pie in a Jar: Another from the cookbook. This is a fantastic dessert–a vegan spin on a British classic.

6. Aquafabulous! Roasted Carrot Dip: one of my fave recipes from the cookbook. Roasting the carrots brings out their sweetness, and the end result is creamy and full of flavour.

5. Chocolate Pumpkin Beer Cake: this deep, decadent vegan chocolate cake made with beer has become my go-to recipe to make for friend’s birthdays. This one has a fall twist on it with the addition of pumpkin.

4. Truffled Cashew Cheese: Inspired by something I ate on a trip to Victoria, I set out to make a decadent truffled vegan cheese.

3. Fudgey Chocolate Ice Cream: This is the good stuff! Vegan, creamy, tastes just like fudgecicles from when you were a kid. All thanks to Aquafaba!

2. Polenta Fries: these are so good! Gluten-free, crispy, gooey on the inside. Best when served with a spicy mayo for dipping.

  1. Vegan Egg Substitutes: being immersed in the world of Aquafaba as I have been, this has been a huge area of exploration for me.

Thanks for being a follower! Cheers to 2018!

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