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Aquafabulous! Acknowledgements

Well. It finally happened.

Yesterday, my book showed up at my door. Not in any kind of electronic format–a real, physical, actual book.

It was a pretty overwhelming moment.

This book represents an entire year of my life! From contract signing through recipe development and editing, it was, I gotta say, A LOT of work.

I’m grateful it’s done, though I know the work of marketing and selling the book has just begun.

Rebecca Coleman Aquafabulous!

By the way, if you want to get a copy of Aquafabulous! You can purchase it now on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com. It will be available in bookstores (Chapters-Indigo here in Canada, Barnes & Noble in the US) sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.

I’d love your help. If you see a copy of it in a bookstore, please take a photo and send it to me. You can send it to me via email or via any of my social media: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Additionally, if you have an independent bookstore in your city, I’d love it if you’d go in and ask them to stock the book. Every little bit helps.

I wrote this way back in October right before I submitted the rough draft. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but it never made it into the book, and I really wanted y’all to read it.

This book was written with the wonder-bra-level support of so many of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


There are many, many people that had a pivotal role in helping me with this book.

First of all, to Bob Dees, who clearly saw something in me that day at the IFBC, I appreciate all your long conversations and your patient answers to my dumb questions and your terrible jokes. It’s been really cool to be able to refer to you as “my publisher” these last few months.

To Meredith, my editor, who is always speedy at returning emails, and who has been incredibly patient with this green (and sometimes grumpy) newbie.

To the styling and photography team in Toronto who made my recipes look so good.

To the Maple Ridge Cheerleaders, who always had my back: Vicki, Faye and Fred. I love you guys.

To Farzana, for listening over pots of post-yoga tea and pre-yoga sushi.

To the Food Gays, Jeremy and Adrian, for saving my (vegan) bacon more than once with advice, suggestions and tools.

To Ann Douglas for being the mother of us all and giving great advice from her vast wealth of knowledge. 

To Lori Bamber, a writer whose work I deeply admire, for being such a calm presence in my life, and for letting me borrow her kitchen table and her oven.

To Nikki for the breadmaker and the glasses of wine at Juniper.

To Rob… just because.

To Eschelle for being the eye of the storm, and for doing all that detailed stuff I just couldn’t force my brain to do.

To Michelle, the best brunch/bourbon partner a gal could ever wish for.

To Liz for your wisdom from going before. And the bread recipe. I’ve always loved that bread recipe.

To @PastaBoyPeter for his pasta expertise and letting me play with his toys.

To Shobna Kannusamy for all her macaron advice, and for making the best macarons in the city.

To all the recipe testers: Sean Vanderfluit (and Colin!), Deirdre Dolan Nesline, Marianne Bloudoff, Heather Cant, Jen Casey, Laurel Wickberg Bailey.

To Peggy, Angela, all my Jens (Hill, Henry and McLean Angus), to Darien and Adrian for always eating whatever I brought you and appearing grateful for it. And to everyone who gave me feedback and suggestions and support, either in person or online, thank you.

Finally, to Michael, for never once refusing when I said “here, try this.” This book is dedicated to him; he is my reason for everything I do.

Well, I’m a bit teary… Thanks again, you guys. Love you.



Cookbook Update #9: “It’s Aliiiivee!!”

This will come as no shock to you, but I am a digital gal. I live in a world of Instagram. In my world, a blog post can take 15 or 20 minutes to create, and then I hit “Publish” and I’m done, moving on to the next thing.

Writing a book is not of this fast-paced digital world. Duh, right? Hello, Captain Obvious. But no, not really. I mean, I knew it was going to take some time and all, but this process has been more akin to an elephant gestating than anything else.


Having said that, progress is happening. Slowly, but ever steadily.

We (my editor Meredith and I) have spent the last few months shooting emails with Word doc attachments back and forth to each other. She would go through each chapter with a fine-tooth comb and send them to me, then I’d go through her edits and send them back to her. We’d repeat this process 3 or 4 times until we were both happy with the result.

After we were done with the chapter, it would be sent to Robert Rose’s recipe auditor, Jennifer. The book has over 100 recipes, and the company doesn’t test each one of them. They do, however, have a gal whose job it is to scrutinize each of the recipes and flag anything that she thinks looks off–too much sugar in my banana bread, for example. She also did test some of the recipes.

Finally, it went to a third editor (ironically, also named Jennifer) whose job it is to make sure the book adheres to the Robert Rose style guide, and who made sure there were no grammar or spelling errors.

There was also a photoshoot in there somewhere. There will be 19 full-colour photographs.

Finally, after all of that, the book has gone to layout. This is the magical moment when it ceases being a Word document on my computer and becomes something much more real.


I just got the printed proof of my book in the mail the other day. It’s only a rough draft, but I can now get a really good idea as to what the final book is going to look like! Eeeee! Exciting!

The next step is to go through the proof manuscript and mark it up with any changes I think it needs, then it goes back to Toronto.

The date of publication on Amazon still says April 1, but that’s only a month away….

Pre-order my cookbook: Aquafabulous!: 100+ Egg-Free Vegan Recipes Using Aquafaba (Bean Water) from Amazon now.

In the mean time, I’m really excited to do my first public cooking demo this weekend at The Wellness Show. I’ll be making my Cornbread Waffles with Vegan Pulled Pork in a Blueberry Bourbon BBQ Sauce. Yaaaas! I hope to see you there!

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