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Christmas Gifts for Foodies (plus a giveaway)

Welcome to my second post on Christmas gifts for Foodies (first post on gadgets is here). Although, if you are a foodie, you might want to add some of today’s suggestions to your Christmas wish list, as well! By the way–these would all also make awesome Hostess gifts.

At the end of this post, I’ll be giving away a couple of bottles of wine courtesy of The Girls–a very special kind of wine. Read to the end to find out why and to learn how to enter!

Before I start, I just want to say that a big trend I’m noticing this year is giving experiential gifts instead of “stuff.” I really want to encourage you to think about this–give your fave foodie the gift of a cooking class, for example, or a rare and interesting ingredient they can experiment with in their kitchen. Give them a gift card to their favourite (or a new place they’ve been wanting to try) restaurant. Give them a wine tasting or a food tour. Sign them up for a monthly subscription, like cheese-of-the-month, or a snack service, or The Missing Ingredient. 

Now! On to my list of Christmas gifts for foodies. Many of these, you will note, are personal, and experiential.

Mozzarella Cheese Making Kit. What foodie isn’t interested in mucking about in the kitchen? Why not give them a kit so they can make their own cheese? About $30, available online or at Got Craft? this weekend.

Personalized Cookbooks, Aprons or Mugs: wanna display your gorgeous #foodporn photos to your friends? Or share some of your favourite recipes in a professional-looking cookbook for friends? London Drugs Photolabs offer lots of customizable options to gift.

Vancouver Brewery Tour: Got a beer-lover in your life? Buy them the ultimate local craft beer experience. They’ll get picked up and whisked around the city to a variety of local craft breweries, where they can take tours, meet fellow hop-heads, and, of course, drink beer.

Long Table Bourbon Barreled Gin: speaking of locally-brewed booze, following on the heels of the craft beer craze is a craft spirit craze happening right now in our fair city. One of my absolute faves? The Bourbon-Barreled Gin from Long Table Distillery.

Amola Sea Salts: These are my favourite thing right now. Available though Edible Canada, these are wonderful for adding a last-minute hit of flavour. I love the truffle, but I’ve tried quite a few, and they all rock.

Mink Mermaid’s Choice Chocolate Bar. Oh, you know. No big deal. Just the best chocolate bar in the world. If salted caramel is not your thing, try something else–everything here is amazeballs.


Bacon socks: Yeah, baby!! (I already bought a pair of these for a certain person’s stocking. Shhh!!) From Well Seasoned.

IMG_5664 Sourgum: this is something we don’t cook or bake with much in this part of the world. This maple syrupy/molassesy hybrid hails from down south. Pick some up to experiment with. From Well Seasoned.


Pink Spatula Peppermint Macamallows: this awesome mashup of a macaron and a marshmallow is delicious, and helps support a good cause. From Well Seasoned.

And speaking of supporting a good cause…

the girls wine

Wine: simply put, everyone loves getting a bottle of wine. When I give wine as a gift, I like to go as local as possible, usually something from the Okanagan. My go-to gifting wine this season has been The Girls. I love this wine. It’s affordable (under $20), it’s delicious, it’s from the Okanagan, and 100% of all the profits of the wine go to Breast Cancer Research. It’s like a gift that gives twice.Plus–c’mon. How adorable is that label? I am giving away two bottles of The Girls 2012 Voluptuous Red. Grown in Oliver,The Girls 2012 Voluptuous Red is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, barrel aged for 18 months in French oak.

To Win TWO bottles of The Girls 2012 Voluptuous Red, comment below, and let me know what you would do with your two bottles. Maybe you’ll keep one for yourself, and give one away? Or maybe you’ll use them at a party? Or cook a recipe with them? I want to know!

You can get a second entry to the contest by tweeting:

Contest runs until midnight, December 14, after which I will draw a random winner from all entries. Good luck, and Happy Gifting!!


Christmas Gifts for Foodies–Gadgets

‘Tis the season! Christmas is coming, and I wanted to help you out by letting you know about the hottest items out there this year for the Foodie on your list (or perhaps yourself?). I’ll have a few of these over the next couple of weeks, but let’s start with Gadgets.

I don’t know anyone that’s a foodie that doesn’t love their gadgets. They start with the basics: favourite knives, specialty pots and pans, electronic gadgets. But it’s always really nice to get tools that you maybe wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself because they are specialty items you maybe don’t use every single day. That’s what today’s list is all about. By the way, stay tuned until the end–I’m giving some away!

Christmas Gifts for Foodies–Gadget Edition

Spiralizers. These gadgets turn vegetables into long, skinny, pasta-like strings, that you can then use to replace pasta (for lower-carb or gluten-free diets), or awesome salads or slaws. They also make fantastic garnishes. About $30, available at Well Seasoned (maybe! they’re having a hard time keeping them in stock).


StayBowlIzer: this acts as  kind of support and frame for your bowls, and it’s made of silicon, so you can put hot bowls into it. You’d use this for whipping cream, or making a zabaglione. About $25 from Well Seasoned.


AquaZinger: this cool li’l water bottle features a compartment that you can place berries, cucumbers or citrus into. It flavours your water all day long, without having floaty bits that get stuck in the straw. Ain’t nobody got time for that! About $25, from Well Seasoned.

aquazingerCookie Scoopthey look like miniature ice-cream scoops, but they are actually for making uniform cookie dough balls, or you can even use them for meatballs. About $15 from Amazon

cookie scoop

Donut Pan: I love, love, love mine! Doughnuts are all the rage, and with these, you can make healthier, baked versions in the oven. About $14 from Amazon.

donut pan

Silpats: these silicone, re-usable non-stick mats replace disposable parchment paper in the kitchen. I use mine for baking, but I also use it for freezing–I’ll put it down on a cookie sheet, then freeze a single layer of berries or vegetables. After they’re frozen, I transfer to a ziploc bag for better storage. They are hugely useful, but can be expensive, so make a great gift. About $15-25, depending on size, from Canadian Tire.


A good set of peelers: a good peeler is essential in any kitchen. It needs to be comfortable and safe. I’m not a fan of the straight peelers–I prefer the wider or Y-shaped versions. I really like this peeler from Crisp, and I’m giving away a set of three today! There’s a regular peeler, a julienne peeler, and a serrated peeler. Out of these three, my favourite is the julienne peeler. It does the same job as the spiralizer above!

crisp peelers



To win this set of three peelers from Crisp, either for you or to give away as a gift to a foodie friend, let me know in the comments section below who’s the person in your house that ends up with the peeling jobs. We’ll try to make their lives a bit easier. 🙂

Gain an additional entry to the contest by tweeting: 

Contest runs until midnight, December 7. I’ll draw one winner at random from all the entries.

A big thanks to Angie Quaale at Well Seasoned, a Gourmet Food Store in Langely for helping me out with this blog post.