What to expect when doing IV Therapy for the first time

Have you ever tried IV Therapy? 

I know, a lot of you will think it sounds like torture, but it really was more like a day at the spa. 

The idea behind IV therapy is that you get an infusion of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, and this infusion is a more concentrated dose that what you could take orally. The infusion is delivered via IV or injection. 

The problem with taking supplements orally is that you think you’re doing something good for your body, but how much of that supplement actually gets into your bloodstream? Because the supplement has to do through your digestive system, sometimes the answer is, not much. 

IV Health Centre

But IV therapy gets the dosage directly into your bloodstream. 

Why might you like to try IV Therapy? 

  • If you’re feeling down and low energy
  • If you feel like you have a cold coming on
  • to recharge

I recently had my first IV Therapy session at The IV Health Centre in Yaletown. It’s actually quite a cool business–in addition to IV Therapy, they offer massage, acupuncture, and have naturopathic doctors on site. Kind of a one-stop-shop. 

I was honestly a bit nervous going in. I mean, nobody really likes needles… would it be painful? How would I feel after? What were they going to infuse me with? 

what to expect the first time you go for IV therapy

The staff was really great, though. I’ll tell you more about how I felt afterwards at the end, but first, here’s what I learned about what to expect when doing IV Therapy for the first time: 

  • The space is more like an industrial spa than a medical clinic. The IV Health Centre had tons of big comfy chairs spread around, and the overall atmosphere was quite chill. 
  • After filling out a form with your medical history, you’ll meet with a doctor. Like, an actual doctor. We chatted a bit about what my needs were, and then she mixed up a formula especially for me. I thought that they had some one-size-fits-all formulas, but that’s not true. Every time you go in, they will mix up a special cocktail just for you. Mine included magnesium, lots of b-vitamins, and electrolytes, amongst others. 
  • Once you are settled in a very comfy chair (that has heat, massage and a big comfy throw), the staff will set you up with magazines or an iPad so you can watch netflix during your treatment. They also brought me water and almonds to snack on. 
  • The doctor then administers the IV. Normally they put the needle in the big vein in your arm, not in the back of your hand. You have to sit with your arm outstretched on a pillow for the duration of the treatment, but they also bring you a warm pack for your exposed arm. 
  • The treatment takes about 45 minutes to administer. 
  • It was not painful. I mean, there was a bit of a prick when the needle went in, but other than that, it wasn’t too bad. There were definitely times when I knew I had a needle in my arm, but there were other times when I forgot about it. 
  • After the IV bag is empty, they will unhook you and you’re free to go. 
  • So, overall, I didn’t feel a huge effect that day. It was really nice to just sit for 45 minutes, though, and do nothing, a rare treat for me. I had a hard time getting my head back into the working game afterwards, so it might be a good idea to book it later in the day. 

The next day, though, I felt pretty good. I had a good sleep and I woke up feeling pretty perky and refreshed. Somebody said my skin looked glowy. 

IV Therapy Yaletown

The doctor said it can take up to 3-4 treatments before you really start seeing results, and then maintenance is every 4-6 weeks. Treatments cost $125. 

I’d love to hear in the comments below if you’ve ever tried IV Therapy. If you’re curious about them, check out The IV Health Centre in Yaletown, or come to The Wellness Show in February at the Vancouver Convention Centre where they will be exhibiting and offering treatments on site. 

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