Where to Eat in Uclulelet

This is the final post in my series on Ucluelet. Michael and I recently visited there, and we loved every second.

Here are the posts so far:

Today, we look at where to eat in Uclulelet, with a focus on more kid-friendly food options.

Coffee & Tea

coffee tea ucluelet

You know I love a good cup of coffee, and Blackberry Cove is a super cute, tiny little bookstore that also sells coffee and organic foods. The beans here are from a local roaster, the Foggy Bean Coffee Company. I had a delicious Americano.

Ucluelet is also home to a tea shop with its own tea sommelier. Thay Tea is home to ethically-sourced, pure loose-leaf tea. The day we were there, I was a bit sick, and they brewed me up a citrusy brew that made me feel better right away.


I’ve had breakfast at both the Blue Room Bistro, and the Cynamoka Coffee House, and both were great. The Blue Room has some pretty amazing views. It’s bright and their eggs bennies are pretty legendary. At Cynamoka, you can’t go wrong with the scones!


zoes ucluelet

Zoe’s Bakery and Cafe: I was recommended this place by someone on Instagram, so we searched it out. We loved it so much, we went back again the next day! Zoe, the owner, is a pastry chef who has worked with Lisa Ahier at Sobo (in Tofino) and also at The Wick. This place is her own, and she knows how to do it right. Everything is homemade and fresh, and it’s very kid-friendly. There’s bread and pastries, and fresh soups and sandwiches. The quality of everything is really, really high. One of their specialty items is a Bear Pop, a cake pop shaped like a bear head. My favourite thing here was the Black Magic Nanaimo Bar. This is Zoe’s take on a traditional Nanaimo Bar, but with a blackberry filling. It is worth the drive just to get one of those.

I’m classifying Zoe’s as “lunch,” but really, it’s good any time of the day. There are other options, as well, Solidarity Snacks, and of course, Ukeedogs!


Kids sliders at fetch at the black rock resort

Fetch at the Black Rock Resort: This is more upscale, but definitely kid-friendly. I already wrote about Fetch here, so I won’t go into a ton of detail, but they have a great kids menu, and, of course, the grownup options are pretty wonderful.

Norwood’s is also in the “upscale” category. We didn’t eat there, but it comes highly recommended.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, there’s Jiggers Fish and Chip Truck. Plus, you know… you’re right there on the ocean–eat some fresh fish! This area is known for its amazing food trucks, and its even more amazing fish.

hanks ucluelet

Hank’s Untraditional BBQ: so good. So, so good. I’m not sure why it’s “untraditional,” but it sure was delicious. We had chicken wings to start, corn bread, a caesar salad, and mac ‘n’ cheese. The wings and the cornbread were okay, but the caesar salad, topped with a slab of pork belly instead of bacon bits, rocked my socks off (I guess that qualifies as “untraditional”?). The mac ‘n’ cheese was, I think, the best I’ve ever had. Warm, melty, with a caramelized top… definitely order it if you go to Hank’s.

For such a small town, I was pretty surprised by the quality of the dining in Ucluelet. By the way, if you want to head over to Tofino, there are a ton of other fabulous dining options there, as well.

Happy travels, friends!

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