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Top Posts of 2014

For the next few days, I have some year-end wrap-up posts for you. Today, we start with 2014’s most popular posts, as determined by how many views each post got.

Here’s how 2014 broke down on Cooking by Laptop:

Number of Posts: 135

Number of visitors: 24,500 (this number is significantly up from last year, by about 10,000!)

Here’s the WordPress version of my top posts.

top posts 2014

So, without further ado, here is the countdown of 2014’s top posts!

10. Chocolate Beer Cake: In March this year, I travelled to Tofino to take in all the culinary delights the city had to offer, and spend a bunch of time at the beach. One part of Tofino’s awesomeness was the Tofino Brewing Company, an awesome little craft brewery. I came home with a few bottles of their product, and one of them made its way into this dense, chocolatety cake of deliciousness.

9. Red Wine Ice Cream: the answer to the question, “what’s the perfect treat for girl’s night?” It really, really is.

8. Christmas Gifts for Foodies: this post, even though I only published it a few weeks ago, made the top ten list because it contained a giveaway for wine. Good to know for the future–wine giveaways are popular!

7. Scones a la Forage: Forage is one of my favourite local restaurants. Everything is local and sustainable. And delicious. I had a fabulous brunch there earlier this year, and fell in love with the scones served to us by Chef Chris Whittaker. He kindly shared his recipe.

6. 7 Tips for Becoming a Better Food Writer: In September, I attended the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle, and one of the guest speakers there was Dianne Jacob, whose book Will Write for Food, I’d just been reading as part of a food writing class I took. This post was a breakdown of Dianne’s top tips for becoming a better food writer.

5. Homemade Greek Yogurt: I got a yogurt maker, and I loved (still do) it. I am still making my own homemade greek yogurt all the time. It’s so easy.

4. Gluten-free Beer Mac ‘n’ Cheese: While sampling a new kind of gluten-free beer, I thought “how would I use this in a recipe?” The answer: ooey, gooey, gluten-free mac ‘n’ cheese, made with GF noodles and Glutenberg Beer.

3. Low G.I. Brownies: These brownies were really good! Chocolatey and rich, but low GI due to new sugar substitute I was trying out.

2: Salad in a Jar: a Week’s Worth of Healthy Lunches for $20: This post has been one of my best performing posts all year. Those of you that are avid Pinteresters already probably know about salad-in-a-jar. I knew about it, bue never actually jumped on the bandwagon until recently. Now I make them all the time, in all different kinds of ways. I love how convenient, healthy, and inexpensive they are. Related to this post is this one:  Healthy Food on $4 a Day, which came in at #11. I wanted to include it in this list, though, because it was a post I put a lot of thought and care into, and I felt very proud to publish.

1. My $20 Lighting Kit for Food Photography: Over the past three years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve learned a lot about photography. My first photos were terrible cel phone snaps, but now I have a proper DSLR and I invested in a short, 50mm lens. I’m learning a lot about lighting, too. While I still prefer natural light if possible, this time of the year, that’s a challenge, so I DIY’d a home lighting kit that I set up on my dining room table. It’s cheap, and it works!

Well, folks, there you have it! The top posts of 2014! Bring on 2015!

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