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Travel Vlog #3: Postcards from Brighton

I spent four days in Brighton with my friend Jeremy Corner, whom I met at Sage Summit a couple years back in New Orleans, and then again last year in Chicago.

He kindly let me crash at his place in Brighton, which is a beautiful seaside town about an hour out of London.

This year, Jeremy has been working on YouTube series called The Greeting Card Project. Each week, he chooses cards (like, old fashioned greeting cards), and mails them to family and friends.

I’ve been the recipient of his cards a couple of times now, and it’s really delightful. I basically never get mail that is not bills or junk, so it’s such a wonderful experience to get something in the mail like that.

I thought, seeing as I was with him, that I’d take inspiration from him, and we’d go do shoot a video like his, but with me purchasing and sending postcards to my friends.

So… Postcards from Brighton. Enjoy!