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Vancouver Food Cart Festival

Ooooh… I am late to this party, but I’m glad I made it.

All summer long, every Sunday, about 20 local Vancouver Food Carts gather just west of the Olympic Village in an abandoned parking lot to pump out delicious goodies. You can wander and snack to your heart’s content, while live DJs spin tunes.

photo (1)

I finally got there this past weekend, and I’m sad, because there’s only one week left. So, if you haven’t been yet, go and check it out. It’s a mere $2 to get in, or free if you are a Vancity Member. Once inside… oh, what culinary delights await you!

There were lots of my favourites, like The Juice Truck, Soho Road, and Le Tigre. But there were also lots that I hadn’t tried before. The joy of a festival like this, is that you may very well discover some new thing that will quickly become your favourite thing…


This was the first thing I ate, and it was my favourite. This is Chicken Karaage from Mogo. Boneless, crunchy on the outside, perfectly deep-fried, juicy and tender on the inside. Especially loved the sweet thai chili sauce as a condiment.

mac n cheese balls

Deep fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese balls from REEL Mac ‘n’ Cheese. I’m not upset I had these. I mean, how often in your life can you say you ate deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese? And they were good… just not amazing. I felt like they lacked something. Seasoning, maybe… I wanted the crust to be crunchier. Panko, maybe?


In this city, Vij can do no wrong. From Vij’s to Rangoli, to his new food truck, Vij’s Railway Express, he is the undisputed master of Indian Cuisine in Vancouver. This is the butter chicken schnitzel–it comes with rice and salty flatbread that was delicious. Spicy, creamy, yum. He also has on offering a lamb kebab, and jackfruit for the vegheads.


A new discovery for me? The Pie Hole. First of all, how is that not the greatest name for a business, like, ever?? Jenell is making some pretty pies here… fruit pies, chocolate pies, savoury pies… even a vegan, raw, gluten-free version. Mmm… pie…


Another happy new discovery? Pella’s Gourmet. Last year, Samantha and Derek Langill (who are the most adorbs couple, btw) decided they’d make Cilantro Chutney, an old family recipe, for all their friends for Christmas presents. The chutney was popular, and out of that demand grew a business. They’ll be stocked in Whole Foods starting next month. I’d use the chutney as a dip for vegetable fritters, or smear it on a grilled cheese.

The only problem with the Food Cart Fest, is that I don’t have a big enough stomach! I’m hoping to hit it again this Sunday, for the final round…

For all the information and a list of all the food trucks, visit foodcartfest.com.

UPDATE: The 2014 Food Cart Fest kicks off June 22.