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Vancouver Food Truck Tour with Eat St’s James Cunningham

The life of a food blogger is varied, but never boring. There are some days I’ll be struggling with recipes that just don’t work out in the kitchen, and then there are other days I hit it out of the park on the first try. Sometimes you eat at restaurants that are, shall we say, less than amazing, and then there are other days when you find hidden gems.

Yesterday was a very good day for being a food blogger. I got invited to go out for lunch with a bunch of other food bloggers, and our intrepid guide was the host of Eat St on the Food Network: James Cunningham.

James Cunningham

Cunnigham was in town to promote a new contest that’s being sponsored by Lay’s Canada. #DoUsAFlavourCanada is a contest that allows you to create your own potato chip flavour, and the winner gets fame and fortune!

Given that James’ “thing” is Food Trucks, he took us to three of his favourites: Soho Road Naan Kebab, Feastro, and Roaming Dragon.

Our first stop was outside the Georgia and Granville Skytrain Station, where my old pal Sarb had parked his tandoori oven on wheels. I’ve long loved Soho Road (see my interview with Sarb here), but he made something special just for us: a Lamb Tikka Masala wrap. The lamb was grilled with a mixture of middle eastern spices, like cumin, cinnamon, and coriander, then served with pickled red onions and a minty sauce inside a warm, freshly-baked naan bread. I particularly love the play of textures in this wrap: the crusty bits of the warm naan bread, against the tenderness of the lamb.


Photo credit: Thandi Fletcher

Stop number two was a block down, just outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, where the Feastro truck was parked. Their offering was a new menu item they have just added: Dirty Fries. Double-fried, then topped with barbecue sauce, aioli, pulled pork, salsa and jalape├▒os, these fries were indeed dirty–they are not something you can eat without getting messy–and delicious.


Our final stop was at Roaming Dragon. Roaming Dragon was Vancouver’s first food truck, opening in June of 2010, and they remain one of Vancouver’s top trucks. Their rice balls and pork belly sliders are legendary! The Roaming Dragon truck served up their┬áMalaysian Chili-Lime Tofu Burrito. It’s not a staple menu item of their food truck, but it is on their catering menu. I eat a lot of vegetarian food, and I just need to say, it’s difficult to make tofu taste good, but these guys did it. This was my favourite bite of the day.



It was freezing cold and rainy, but the food was awesome and warming, and we bloggers had a great time chatting with James Cunningham (who spent a lot of time hamming it up for our cameras) and hearing his stories. He maintains that Vancouver’s Food Truck scene is the finest in the country, and this guy has eaten at a lot of Food Trucks!


Photo credit: Thandi Fletcher


Photo credit: Thandi Fletcher

Big thanks to Lay’s Canada, Soho Road Naan Kebab, Feastro, and Roaming Dragon.

Soho Road Naan Kebab

Finally, Vancouver has become a food cart city. Why not? We have an amazing food scene here, but up until last year, the City wasn’t granting licenses to any food cart that wasn’t serving hot dogs or ice cream. Now, the food cart scene here in Vangroovy is a going concern, with everything from tacos to juice to bar-b-que to Asian to Indian.

I met Sarb Mund, who runs the Soho Road Nann Kebab cart, last fall while I was doing the publicity for Vancouver Celebrates Diwali. One bite of his food, and I was hooked. Even Chef Dale McKay agrees with me!

I’m starting up a new segment here at CbL: food vlogs (or “flogging” if you like :-)). I thought it would be really fun to grab one of my food-savvy gal pals and do a tour of a bunch of the different food trucks in Van, armed with my trusty video camera. I asked Sarb if he could by my first (!) and he said yes.

I gotta tell you, I think the success of Soho Road rests on the shoulders of its owner. Go there any day and you’ll see what I mean. Sarb is personable, friendly, and he really loves what he does. He has a background as an accountant, and that has factored heavily into the success of his business, because he gets the business, although he confesses he never really fit in as an accountant.

The truck is tricked out with a tandoor, a cylindrical oven that cooks at a very high temperature. For the meat, this insures that it gets a good sear on the outside, making it juicy inside. For the naan, it means beautiful, soft, pillowy warm goodness. All his chicken is marinated for at least 24 hours, and everything is made fresh to order.

So, without further ado, Pam & Bex’s Big Food Truck Adventure #1: Soho Road Naan Kebab!