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Vegan High Tea at Neverland Tea Salon

I love my city. I really do. And I especially love how the veg scene is really taking off here. Earlier this week, I brought you some news about our first dairy-free cheese shop opening up in Mt Pleasant, and today I have another story for you about a new veg-friendly experience.

I’ve been a fan of Neverland Tea Salon since it opened in 2012. My friend Renee is one of the owners, along with Terri Tatchell (you may know her as the writer of District 9). Neverland is, in a word, charming. The furniture is an eclectic mix of vintage finds, as is all of the china. Sparkling chandeliers mix with natural wood touches. The overall effect is warm, fun and welcoming.

neverland tea salon vegan gluten free menu

Just before Christmas, Neverland launched what I think is Vancouver’s first Vegan, Gluten-free high tea.

As you can imagine, there are challenges associated with going both vegan and gluten-free, and I interview Jess, the pastry chef in this video and we discuss just that.

Here are some of my highlights from the experience:

neverland tea salon vegan gluten free tea sandwiches

Tea: Neverland has a fantastic variety of different kinds of teas that they have had blended for them. My favourite is always the London Fog, which is a latte made with their Earl Grey (which is one of the best in the city, IMHO). But I also love their Neverland blend, which is a chocolate mint.

neverland tea salon vegan gluten free high tea

Savoury: on the bottom tier of the high tea are the savory bites. Here, you’ll find tea sandwiches that include some more traditional type bites (hummus and cucumber) as well as some more inventive one (I particularly enjoyed the carrot lox and the harvest scone, which tasted like thanksgiving in one bite, with butternut squash, sage and cranberry).

Neverland tea salon vegan high tea

Sweet: moving up to the second tier, you’ll find sweet bites like a coconut panna cotta with tea-poached pears, and an incredibly moist chocolate cake.

neverland tea salon vegan gluten free scones

Scones: the final tier includes adorable little scones with vegan cream and jam, just like a proper high tea should have.

Here’s my video of the experience. Pinkies up!