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Vegan Drinking Chocolate

There’s a place here in Vancouver called Mink. It’s not far from where I live, and it is all about the chocolate.

They sell chocolates of all different kinds and flavors, and you can do a fondue there, or have your own s’mores party.

They also sell drinking chocolate.


Now, you might be wondering, what’s the difference between hot chocolate and drinking chocolate? Hot chocolate is mostly made with cocoa powder, while drinking chocolate is much thicker, and is made with actual melted chocolate. It’s much more intense, much richer, and all kinds of amazing.

Mink is surprisingly vegan friendly–you’ll find lots of different kinds of dark chocolate there that is vegan.

But this is a proper vegan drinking chocolate–and the base is cashews. It’s sweetened with maple syrup, and it’s thick and delicious and amazing. You could also use a shot of this in your morning coffee to take it up a notch.

Vegan Drinking Chocolate


  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • water
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup


  1. Place the cashews in a large mason jar and cover them over with water, plus some extra. Screw on the top and allow to soak overnight.
  2. In the morning, drain the water off the cashews and then add them to your blender with the cocoa, the maple syrup, and 1 ½ cups of water.
  3. Blend for 1-2 minutes on high.
  4. Strain to remove any small bits of debris.
  5. Place the mixture in a small saucepan on the stove and heat until the mixture is almost boiling, is thickened and smooth.
  6. Serve immediately in mugs.