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Vegcouver: Cartem’s Donuts

Four or so years ago, I walked into Cartem’s Donuterie on Pender St. I was there to interview the owner, Jordan Cash, about his newly-opened donut shop and write an article about them.

Today, Cartem’s now has three locations in the lower mainland, but I still visit the Pender St location often, because it’s right around the corner from BCIT, where I teach classes twice a week. Whenever we have some kind of a celebration in our house, it usually involves a trip to Cartem’s.

I love their unique flavors, their monthly specials, and the fact that there are always vegan donuts on hand. And not just vegan donuts, but really, really good vegan donuts.

I recently interviewed Executive Chef, Rags Rajesh Narine, about what it’s like to make nothing but donuts, and why Cartem’s is still successful 5 years in.

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