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Aquafaba Roundup April

Welcome to my monthly Aquafaba roundup, where I pull the best recipes and news about Aquafaba from around the interwebs.

I think I previously told you about a new product, powdered aquafaba, that is coming onto the market. I spoke with the owner last month, and I’m excited to give their stuff a try. They ran into a production snafu, but should be back up and running soon. I’ll write a post about it when I get my hands on some!

6 must-have Vegan ingredients: what are your vegan pantry staples? Aquafaba of course is one, but these are definitely all ingredients I have on hand pretty much all the time.

Coconut Macaroons: my mom made these a lot when I was a kid. Aquafaba makes a great binder in this classic cookie recipe.

Funfetti Waffles: oh, man, wouldn’t these make an amazing weekend brunch? Or for someone’s birthday?? I mean, add sprinkles to anything and you have an automatic party, right? These are from the Edgy Veg.

Red Velvet Beet Brownies: I’ve long been a fan of using natural ingredients to create colours, especially using beet to colour red velvet. You can’t taste the beets, honest! They just add a nice earthy sweetness.

Zucchini Lime Pistachio Loaf: I really want to make this! Love the shades of green.

That’s what I dug up for you this month! See you again soon with more wonders of bean juice!