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All I Need Is Canadian Cheese… but I’ll Share

I’ve been waiting so long, but today! Today is the day!

Today, I start a three-month long ambassadorship for… Cheese.

It all started a year and a half ago. I was house-sitting for Don Genova in Cobble Hill, and one day, decided to drive down into Cowichan Bay to check out the gastronomical delights. Said delights included a grain mill and bakery, a winery, and Hillary’s Cheese (they have since changed their name).

I came home with a whole lot of goodies, and shared them on Instagram.

All of this deliciousness was grown within 10 K of here: @unsworthv wine, @hillaryscheese, and True Grain Bread. #cowichanbay #eatlocal #foodporn

A couple weeks later, I received an email from The Dairy Farmers of Canada, wondering if I’d be interested in becoming a Cheese Ambassador. I couldn’t reply to that email fast enough–and the hardest part has been waiting over the past year for my tenure to begin.

I love cheese. While I do like to cook Vegan sometimes, I don’t think I could ever give up cheese. It is my ultimate comfort food. Growing up, on rainy Vancouver winter days, I’d walk home from school for lunch, and my favourite lunch was always a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Not much has changed. I still love that flavour combo (in fact, I made a grilled cheese last night when I got home late after teaching class), but I’ve gotten more daring in my choices and pairings. There are few things I love more than sitting down with some good cheese, bread, and a glass of wine. Sometimes, I call that dinner. 🙂


So. What does this mean for you, dear reader? A couple things. First off, you’re about to see a lot more cheese recipes on my blog. Every month, they are going to send me different Canadian cheeses to sample and experiment with. I will be passing on my tasty knowledge to you.

Secondly, you will have the opportunity to win the exact same basket I just got in the mail this morning, so you can do your own tastings and experiments. It’s a Pinterest contest, and all you need to do is to create a “Cheese Board” (get it??) and pin 10 photos of Canadian Cheese onto it. Details are here.

Canadian cheese

Finally, if you are not yet following me on Instagram, please do so here. It’s where I’ll be sharing the bulk of my cheese experiments. You might also want to follow Lynne and Ayngelina, my fellow ambassadors.

Looking forward to sharing the simple pleasures of Canadian cheese with you over the next few months! Now, where’s my sash with “Cheese Ambassador” on it? I’mma need to wear that thing everywhere!

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