Paying it Forward… Coffee Style

There’s a coffee shop I work at quite a bit near where I live here in Vancouver, WE Coffee.  I love it, because it has all the things I need: good coffee, good snacks (maple muffins to die for, gluten-free goodies as well), and good wifi. It’s a small business, locally owned and operated, not a chain or a franchise, and I like to support local business. They roast their own beans, and they are always very thankful for my business.

I was leaving the other day after a meeting with a student, when I noticed a sticker on the door.


Now, I’d heard about Suspended Coffee already, but if you haven’t, let me tell you about it.

Suspended Coffee is a way to pay it forward. You go into a sanctioned Suspended Coffee supporter, and buy yourself a coffee, and then buy another one as well (or more, if you like). Someone who then can’t afford coffee can come into that coffee shop and you have, in essence, bought that person a coffee.

There was just a story in the news the other day about a guy who did this (not through Suspended Coffee) at a Tim Horton’s in Edmonton. It’s a trend that’s catching on.

I love this idea: I’m a coffee addict, and I know the pleasure that I get from my daily Joe. I love the concept of paying that joy forward. Look for the Suspended Coffee logo at your local java joint, and consider buying an extra cup for someone in need the next time.

For a list of coffee shops and more information, visit, or check out their Facebook Page.

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  1. Lorne says:

    I think that is a marvelous idea. I often will invite someone outside a coffee shop, especially in the colder weather, when a coffee is just as much a pick me up as it is a warm me up…But how does someone standing outside know that a free coffee awaits them inside if they aren’t aware of this symbol? Is there any information along with this sticker explaining what its all about? I checked out the website and they don’t have your coffee shop on their list. Suggest that they contact the Suspended Coffee people and get on the list. I love stuff like this.

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