Instant Pot Meal Prep: Healthy Lunches for a Week

Okay, so here we go; Instant Pot post number 2 for this week (if you haven’t yet, check out my recipe for Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto)! Yeah, I’m a little obsessed, but hey–it’s a good obsession, right?? I mean, I’m making lots of healthy foods, and loving how little time it’s taking me to do it.

I have been a big fan of meal prep for a while now, though sometimes I’m more successful at it than others.

Instant Pot Meal Prep Vegan

The idea of meal prepping is that you take a half a day per week (usually on the weekend) to prep a week’s worth of healthy lunches or dinners. Those then get stored in the fridge or the freezer until you need them. Mason Jar salads are a version of meal prep, though lately I’ve been taking more of a bowl approach. The Instant Pot makes this much easier, because I can cook things in a jiffy.

Here’s how to Instant Pot Meal Prep:

  1. Grains. The base of your bowl is always going to be some kind of grains. You can use brown rice, quinoa, or other forms of ancient grains. Depending on the type of grain, they make take longer or less time in the Instant Pot to cook. Quinoa or Frekeh only take 1 minute to cook. Harder grains like brown rice or wheat berries can take between 20-40 minutes to cook in the IP.
  2.  Proteins. Again, here your choices are many. Sautéed tofu, seitan (this recipe for chickwheat shreds is my current fave), chopped up veggie burgers, vegan sausages or other alternative meats are all legit choices, depending on what strikes your fancy. You could even do beans.
  3. Veg. I like to do a combo of greens and heartier veg, usually squash or sweet potatoes. For my green veg, I usually sautee some kale. I also really like to throw in some edamame for additional crunch and fibre. You can also throw a half an avocado on top of there right before you eat it.
  4. Sauce: Again, so many options! Right now my faves are hoisin and sweet thai chili sauce, but you could easily go BBQ, a green goddess, or even just plain old soy.

This video shows you how to put it all together.

These are really easy to grab as you head out the door in the morning on your way to work. Just nuke them until they are warm, sauce, and devour. There’s something really wonderful about having a full, well-rounded lunch.

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