How to Make Roasted Garlic & Win a $50 Gift Pack from Sabra!

Garlic, glorious garlic!

When I was a kid growing up, we had zero spices in our house. It just wasn’t a thing. Oh, we had salt, but we didn’t even really use pepper–I remember quite clearly having 2 salt shakers instead.

As I got older, and started to learn more about cooking, and therefore seasoning, garlic was probably the first “spice” I ever started to experiment with. At first, it was dried garlic powder, but then later, I went right for the real thing, and started adding raw garlic to my cooking.

I love the flavour it brings. Garlic really is a superstar. And we are not far off now from Garlic Scape season, which is one of my favourite times of the year!

Garlic is an amazing ingredient, but roasted garlic is even more amazing! When you roast it, it becomes sweet and almost nutty. It becomes soft and buttery, and you can add it to so many things–like sauces, which it will help to thicken.

Here’s just a few things you can do with roasted garlic:

  • Add it to hummus
  • Add it to pasta sauce
  • Spread it on toast
  • Add it to salad dressings
  • Add it to soup
  • Add it to mashed potatoes
  • On pizza or nachos

It’s really versatile! Oh–and really simple to make. You don’t even need one of those fancy garlic baker thingies.

To celebrate April as Garlic Month, I’m giving away $50 worth of Sabra products!

The prize includes:

sabra prize pack

  • 5 VIP coupons, redeemable for full-sized product, AND
  • A wooden and ceramic branded serving tray (so cute!)

How to enter:

Comment below and tell me what your favourite way to use roasted garlic is, and you’ll be entered in the draw. For an additional entry, tweet:

This contest is open to Canadians only, and closes midnight, April 30.


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  1. Eschelle says:

    I am not going to lie I put garlic in and on everything so ill take it anyway I can get it… no vampires are coming after this girl!! lol

  2. Raj Thandhi says:

    Hello hummus!! Yum:)

  3. ReadyOwl says:

    I enjoy roasted garlic added to mashed potatoes or mixed in potato salad.

  4. Pat B says:

    I like to use roasted garlic on focaccia bread

  5. Erin Jeffery says:

    Roasted garlic on baguette with brie. Zomg. Also hummus. As I have aged (ahem) I am less tolerant of raw garlic, so I ALWAYS roast.

  6. Valerie Mallette says:

    My favourite way to use roasted garlic is to mix it into mashed potatoes. So gooood! 😀

  7. I make roasted garlic at the beginning of each cold season, and spread it all over toast as a hail Mary immunity booster! It’s also my favourite thing to have on the table with fresh bread when having people over for dinner. Nothing like bad breath to keep guests happy! Lol

  8. missbobloblaw says:

    I use roasted garlic for everything- I keep a mason jar in the freezer full of roasted goodness!

  9. Ariel says:

    You have not lived until you put it in soup on a winter’s day!! Warms up the heart and soul! (Also: