Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic

I know a lot of people hate grocery shopping. They view it as a chore. But personally, I love it. In fact, I do it almost every day.

One of the realities of being me, a food blogger/cookbook author/someone who is unable to deny their cravings is that I need to go to the grocery store almost every day. I’m doing some recipe development, I’m out of coconut milk, off I go… I have a cute little produce store in my neighbourhood I visit often for fresh herbs, lettuce, or apples. It’s just a normal part of my every day life. It gets me out of the house, and I enjoy it.

Of course I do major grocery shops, too. I go to Costco every month or 6 weeks, and do a big box shop once every few weeks. Food is my second biggest expense, next to rent.

But the pandemic has changed all that. That thing that I used to enjoy has now become the thing that gives me anxiety. Lots and lots of anxiety.

I’m writing a new cookbook and I had to got to Costco. I’d been putting it off for weeks and weeks. In fact, right before the lockdown, I attempted to go one morning, but peaced out when I saw the lineup of cars. The situation was pretty desperate.

I made Michael stay home, even though he almost always goes with me to Costco because he loves the hot dogs.

I waited in line for nearly an hour just to get in. I had gloves, I had sanitizer, I had a podcast, I had a list. People were nice. The Costco staff was amazing. But the whole time I was standing there, the whole time I was in the freezer section, all I could think was “this trip to Costco could kill me.”

Me hugging my 10kg bag of flour that cost me more than a few grey hairs.

I know, it’s a long shot. Costco is disinfecting like crazy. The pandemic has actually been quite manageable here in BC. But this thing that I used to do on a daily basis, this thing I loved, has now potentially become deadly. I came out of the experience feeling like I’d lost a year of my life, but I had flour!!! 

It’s weird, because my life, unlike many others’ hasn’t changed significantly since the lockdown. I still work from home every day, I’m just not going to classes, I’m teaching them from home, which has been an adjustment for sure. I miss my face to face classes. I miss my friends. I miss happy hour french fries with Farzana. I miss eating at restaurants.

But I miss grocery shopping most of all. Who knew?

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  1. Chef Heidi says:

    I feel you, sister! My grocery shopping habits have completely changed due to the public health measures. Not just the timing of them (weekly rather than daily), but also the stores I go to and the brands I buy. I’ve been choosing stores based on the small size of their lineups and their adherence to safety measures rather than for the quality or price of their food!

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