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The Pot Garden

No. Not that. Not what you’re thinking.

It’s a garden. In pots.

I moved into this apartment a year ago, at an awkward time for planting. It was a bit too late in the season. I got some herbs going, things like that, but nothing really serious.

This year, I went to Home Depot and bought a couple of those big, blue tubs that people often use for parties, filled with ice and beer. I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, and then put a layer of rock, and finally, filled them with soil.

In one tub, we have planted zucchini and cucumbers, in the other (Michael’s), carrots, sunflowers and beans. I also have two balcony boxes, one with strawberries and the other with lettuce (which I’ve already made into salad!), and pots of herbs.

Gardening makes me so happy.

The plan is to check back on them every two or three weeks and document their progress.

Mint. Destined for Mojitos.

"Salad Bowl" Lettuce--verigated green and purple

Cukes & Zuchs

Michael's garden

Michael's Garden



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