Butterfly Pea Tea

The Internet (and Instagram especially) is losing its mind over Butterfly Pea Tea

A quick Instagram search reveals more than 30,000 posts with the hashtag #butterflypea. This tea, which is made from a flower called Clitoria ternetea (yes, that is what you think it is, the flower looks like, ummm… lady parts), is grown in Thailand and Malaysia. 

The internet is losing its mind over this flower because of its colour. When you brew it, it makes this amazing indigo-coloured tea, and when you add acid to it (like lemon juice, for example), it turns an equally amazing shade of lavender. 

Butterfly Pea Tea

In Thailand, it’s popular as both a natural food colouring, but also as a drink, and in places, the flowers are even battered and deep fried. 

It’s easily available on the internet (Amazon), but if you live in Vancouver, I got mine at South China Seas. Apparently David’s Tea also sells a version

I was pretty excited to try it out. You can watch me make it here for the first time, and see my reactions. 

You guys! This shit is super cool! 

I’m looking forward to experimenting with it more; I think it would be great for making cocktails, and I am going to add it to some kombucha I currently have brewing as well. 

The possibilities are almost endless. Here’s a selection of some of the cool things people are making on Instagram.


Smoothies & smoothie bowls

Ice cream!

Blue sushi anyone?

Oh, by the way, that super cool purple gin from Victoria is made with this, too.


Have you tried Butterfly Pea Tea yet? I’d love to hear what you’re making with it. Let me know in the comments below!

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