Back to School Healthy–Breakfast

I suck at breakfast.

I always have. I remember my mom yelling at me in high school as I ran out the door to catch the bus that I should eat something, already, but I just can’t. I have a really hard time facing food first thing in the morning.

Coffee, on the other hand… coffee is my friend. 🙂

back to school healthy

Here are some healthy back to school breakfast ideas that go beyond boring (and sometimes not very healthy) cereal.

Smoothies: pretty much the only thing I can handle before 10 am is a smoothie. I throw in fresh or frozen fruit, a couple spoonfuls of yogurt (I like it creamy), soft tofu if I have it (for protein), greens or Vega powder, coconut water, flax or flax seed oil, and some ice. Blend the crap out of it, pour it into a takeout container, and off I go.

Michael’s favourite smoothie:

nut butter banana chocolate smoothie


Waffles: on the weekend, I make a big batch of these overnight waffles for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning. Then I freeze the leftovers on a baking sheet, and after they are frozen, load them into ziploc bags. I just pull one out and put it in the toaster for Michael’s breakfast. They are like Eggos, but healthier, because I get to adjust the ingredients.

Overnight chia or oatmeal: Chia seeds are so good for you! You can make this pudding overnight in the fridge in mason jars, and just pull one out on your way out the door in the morning. You can do something similar with oats.

Yogurt and granola: I love this, especially since I started making my own yogurt and my own granola! Layer up your yogurt and fruit, honey as well, if you wish, in a mason jar, and then put the granola in a separate container with it. Don’t forget to pack a spoon!

Muffins: whip up a double batch of your favourite muffins on the weekend, and freeze them until needed. My fave recipe: Morning Glory Muffins.

Breakfast wraps: again, you make a batch of these on the weekend, and they freeze great. Fry up some potatoes, bacon or sausage if you wish. I also like to use yams instead of potatoes. Divvy them up onto tortillas upon which you have grated some cheddar. Add some scrambled eggs or tofu, salsa, and/or sour cream. You could even add beans for protein, and extra veggies, like peppers or onions for flavour. Wrap them up into burritos, and wrap individually in cling film or aluminum foil. In the morning, a quick zap in the microwave, and you have a hot, filling breakfast.

Next up, stress-free lunch ideas.

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