Aquafaba Roundup January 2018

It’s time for a roundup of the best Aquafaba recipes and articles on the net this month!

Chive and Siracha Beer Waffles: Well, there are few things I love more than combining sweet and savoury, and The Edgy Veg does it perfectly here! (I had these for dinner tonight!)

No need to give up sweet treats in Veganuary: are you participating in Veganuary? Many folks like to go vegan for the month of January, just to do a reset, or because they are curious. Aquafaba can help–even though you’re vegan, doesn’t mean you need to give up sweets!

Aquafaba: Trendy Egg white alternative used to create instagrammable desserts: Yup! Apparently we’re “trendy” now! And “instagrammable.” There’s a second version of this article in the Daily Mail, as well.

Venezuelan Ham Bread: is there anything Aquafaba can’t do? This vegan dish looks so tasty!

And what to do with all those cans of chickpeas you’re opening up??? Hummus for days!

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